The Brush Guard Review

These Brush Guards are really nice made of Hard Plastic and have multiple purposes for them you can use these brush guards to help clean your brushes and maintain the Bristle Shape they also help your brushes last longer. These are also good for Travel and Storage to help maintain the shape of your bristles. They come in Extra Small for you shadow brush, Small for your Blush, Medium for your Foundation, and Large for your Powder or Kabuki Brush. In my opinion I think these are a cleaver invention only thing is I have to keep away from my little girl cause they have fairly jagged edges. Overall I would highly recommend if you are wanting to take care of your brushes. I tested them out with washing a few and the blending brushes it makes them more firm when dried with the brush guard which is nice because you don't want them all over the place were there harder to work with. If you would like to purchase your own check out there site here

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