Tommee Tippee Bottle Review/Giveaway 5 oz

Closer to Nature Intuitively designed for easier & more natural feeding. I love these bottles my son just took to them really well and he was on a different type of nipple these are similar to the breast and I would totally suggest these bottles to mom's that are wanting to feed from the bottle also. This mimics natural feel and flex & movement of breastfeeding, easier to latch on, it also has a advance colic valve anti gas advanced easi -vent. It is scientifically designed to be most like nature for comfortable, stress-free feeding. Flow rate increases with age. These bottles are shaped for intuitive hold for baby and you. This is BPA Free & Phthalate free. These bottles are 5 oz Please go check out their site They also have this great new feature on there site it's a free digital storybook called the day babywas born. You can capture your first moments of when your baby is born here is the link The Day Baby Was Born™, you can even take stuff off your facebook to add to your moments. Please go check it out.

Now for the Giveaway If your interested in winning a 3pk of 5oz bottles go check out my Youtube page and watch the video once it is up comment on my video and blog and tell me you followed the required rules and comment below on here and youtube letting me know your following this blog for a extra chance to win. Good Luck.
Twitter: @TommeeTippee_NA


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  9. The winner is announced on my Youtube here is the link you can normally find out the winner to all Giveaway's on the widget on the right hand side.