Nothrow Review/Giveaway

This was very fast shipping. I received these items super fast. One day Twin Sister's Karla and Karen came up with the idea of the Bottle Nothrow and the pacifier Nothrow tethers because while traveling back and fourth they were having issues with there kids bottles and sippy cups falling on the floor in the air planes and there cars. They said there has to be something they can make to fix this problem. So they came up with the idea of these. In my opinion these are genius such a great way to keep the bottle, sippy cup, and pacifier near. I received 1 bottle nothrow and 1 pacifier tether like most pacifier's and most sippy cups are bottles are always falling on the floor not with these. We haven't been out to test the sippy cup nothrow but it is very sturdy. The pacifier tether is amazing I love this it doesn't budge from his clothes at all. We had one from the store with my daughter it was plastic and would always come off I highly recommend these to anyone it will save a lot of time wiping them off and no pacifier wipes either they can get expensive considering how often the pacifier falls on the ground.
Please go and check them out on the web
What to win 2 of your own? Your choose?
Now for the Giveaway Rules
1. Must be at least 18 or parents permission.
2. Go and like there facebook and Thank them for Sponsoring the giveaway on my Blog.
3. Enter once either on here or on my Youtube "Not Both"
4. Go to there site and tell me if you won what design you would want and you can pick 2 one of each or both the same.
Good Luck!! Giveaway Ends October 6th 2011.


  1. I followed all of the rules. If I won I would choose the - Pink With Princess. What an awesome idea! FB Shannon Sasseville
    Do you know if this works with Soothie pacifiers? I have not been able to find anything that does.

  2. I followed all the rules. I went to facebook and thank them for your giveaway/ Yolanda Robinson. I have a little girl, so i would like the Pink With Princess and Green with numbers.

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  4. I followed all the rules. I went to facebook and thank them for your giveaway. Facebook name Linda Allred. I like the Blue Gingham and the Green with tropical fish.

  5. The winner of the blog nothrow is The allred's message me with your address.


  7. Hi I cant find how to send you a privet message on the blog so I sent you one on youtube. Thank you so much for the giveaway.