How To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy



How To Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

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Our dogs are such an important part of our families. We have a responsibility to look after them and meet their needs in every way we can. Whether you're thinking about adopting a dog or you want to make your dog's life better, here are a few ways to make sure you're prepared. 

The Right Food

Much like humans, dogs need the correct food to be healthy. Dogs don't need as much carbohydrates as humans, but they do need a healthy mix of protein and vegetables. 

If you want your dog to be healthy and full of energy, try a good raw food that they'll enjoy. Combine it with raw or lightly blanched vegetables to give them something to chew on and provide more nutrients. 

Exercise and Enrichment

Dogs also benefit from plenty of exercise. If your dog doesn't have a chance to run around, it can easily gain weight. Your dog might also get pent up and anxious. 

Take your dog for regular walks. This gives them the exercise they need and exercises their minds as well. If possible, find a nearby place where your dog can run freely off the lead, so they can really stretch their legs and have fun. 

You should try to find opportunities for your dog to socialise with other dogs. 

Another good idea is to provide your dog with enrichment activities at home. Play with your dogs and make sure they have toys. Dogs get bored as well, and enrichment activities keep their minds and bodies active. 


On a similar note, every dog should be trained. Training is good for the dog and the people it interacts with.

Proper training makes sure your dog is well behaved and polite. It won't snatch food or run away. This also keeps your dog safe from getting lost or getting into trouble with other dogs and people. 

Believe it or not, dogs enjoy being trained. They like working for things and training can be a lot of fun. An untrained dog is an anxious one. 

Use professional trainers like All Dogs Unleashed to help your dog have a full and fun life. 

You should also train your dog for when you go out. Separation anxiety can be a huge problem and some dogs hurt themselves and damage property when left alone. Train them gradually so they get used to their own space and feel secure even when you're not there. 

Vet Visits and Vaccines 

A huge part of your dog's health is vet visits and appropriate treatment. Pet insurance will reduce the cost of vet bills, especially if your dog is injured unexpectedly. The vet can also give your dog a better quality of life and help older dogs live longer. 

As your dog grows up, it will need vaccines to protect it from certain illnesses. If you take your dog for regular checkups, you can talk about the best options for your dog's health.

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