Nadine West June Monthly Bag Review


Disclaimer I received this product for review in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. 

Nadine West is a Monthly bag geared toward women and younger females with monthly clothing products that they send out according to your style profile. It is like trying on different outfits in privacy and then whatever you dislike you just send it back and you won’t be charged for the product. I’ve been getting Nadine West bags for a while, and I would highly recommend and suggest this program.

This month I received three tops and two dresses, and also a necklace. This month was a little bit better than other months however, some of the items I am receiving I don’t feel are geared toward summertime. I know you can wear darker colors during the summer however, I receive a lot of dark colors rather than summer colors. And that also could be because of my style profile however, I don’t have down That I want to avoid any certain color, which is something that you can choose in your style profile. 

The first item I received is their Eliza top in small top that is in a gray color. This size small even with it being small it’s still pretty big if they have this in an extra small I would definitely recommend going down to that size. It’s goes great with shorts or denim jeans. I do like this top its not my favorite it is more of a winter color than summer. However, it’s still nice and just not my number one pick. This top retails for $33.99 to keep.

The next item is this mustard top by divine in medium, and it retails for $34.99. This top is really nice. However, it would pair up really nicely with more of a dressed up style whether you’re wearing dress pants, work pants it has a silky feel to it that feels really nice. However, it just does not suit my wardrobe right now I do not dress up to go to work or really dress up with pants anyway or skirts. I do wear the occasional skirt to church but I just don’t feel like this top would go very well.

Next is this crisscross sleeve top in a size small I absolutely love the color it’s more of like a sea green, Sage looking color this top retails for $39.99 and I got the size small. This top would pair really well with leggings. It is long enough to cover anything that would show and I really do like that about this top.It would also go great with any type of skirt as well perfect for a church, working in the office, or just wear casually with a pair of jeans or shorts. This would definitely be a keeper.

Next is this Sheila rose Trixie dress that has cut out shoulders. It is in this beautiful lavender color I really do like this dress. I just need to find something that I could wear underneath that doesn’t show through. It is on the thinner side, so I definitely would wear some sort of shape wear or slip underneath his dress.This is definitely one that I will be wearing, and it retails for $44.99. This is definitely a keeper.

This Giovanna dress is in a size medium in a blue color. I really do adore this dress. It can be short, and or even be longer with the drawstring that goes around the midsection it retails for $39.99 it is definitely a more summer/spring type of dress. It is on the mid length side, which is some thing that I like. I don’t like anything too short. I actually wore this over my bathing suit as well when we went to the pool. It is a nice cover-up whenever you want to throw on something light and quick I really enjoyed the versatility of this dress.

Last, but not least is this Janine necklace that kind of reminds me of a vintage piece some thing that I’m really not into. I am more into silver and gold necklaces that are minimalistic. This is a good quality necklace just not my style it retails for $34.99 and is more of a silver tone with a vintage design in the middle.

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