Filter Shower with 3 rain modes Reviews

Filter Shower with 3 rain modes 

This showerhead has a pressurization and water-saving micropore design that will help you with circulation, water flow, and 2 inches the effect of pressurization and water saving. The filtration how in the shower and there are two kinds of mineral beads to filter, which can quickly remove residual chlorine and immaturities, and the effect is noticeable.

The different water modes have rain mode for high water, output, and coverage, hybrid mode, which allows you to enjoy a massage-like shower, or for mountain dew mode which can be used to wash floors or other areas that need to be cleaned. If there is any quality problem, they will replace it for free for free this shower set, includes a showerhead, hose, bracket, panel, auxiliary, tape, and a 2-inch bag of mineral filter beads. 


We are using one of these shower heads now and I will say it really does work. We have a well so well water it is and sometimes it can be too harsh and cause my hair to be super dry. But with this shower head with the filter beads it will help a lot. This is the perfect  


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