How to Further Your Healthcare Administration Career: A Guide for Working Moms


How to Further Your Healthcare Administration Career: 

A Guide for Working Moms

There are many fulfilling and in-demand careers in healthcare that don’t require you to have a medical background. The field is massive, and many people are needed to make the entire thing tick. One of the best roles for those looking for a secure, rewarding career in healthcare is administration.

There are many different administrative roles out there, from true leadership roles to options

that have you keep records in check. Regardless of what type of role you currently work in,

however, doing your job isn’t enough. If you want to advance and further your career, you’ll

need to do more. Don’t worry, however, as these tips are accessible, so you can further your career while still being a great parent.


One of the best ways to advance any career is to network. Networking not only lets you

know more about your field, but it can also help you introduce yourself to the key figures that

can propel it forward. Healthcare networking can and should be done intentionally. This means you need to go beyond your workplace. Join organizations, follow key figures on social media, ask for one-on-one meetings, and attend relevant events. One thing to keep in mind when networking is that you must nurture your existing network first. Keep in touch with the people that you know, especially online. Go through your network online – for example, on LinkedIn – to keep updated on any job changes, any posts or articles, and in general, just stay engaged. When it comes to strengthening any relationship, try to be helpful first before you ask for help from others.


You likely already have a degree under your belt, but if you think that’s enough to carry you throughout your career, then you are mistaken. Those in the highest role levels don’t just learn on the job. They are the instigators that make improvements to the job. That’s why you need to be committed to lifelong learning.

To do this you’ll want to find a few publications that you trust. These should be specific to your role or department. You don’t need to follow along and understand the latest medical treatments or be able to diagnose patients, but you should know how to communicate to patients so that they understand what’s going on – at least from your end.

There are new tools and regulations that you’ll need to ensure that your business stays up to date with as well. Learning every day can help make it easy to incorporate new ideas, adapt your management style, and seamlessly integrate new regulations before there’s an issue.

Change Jobs

If you feel like you have hit a wall where you are currently working, then it may be time to change jobs. You should feel like you are properly compensated and/or learning something new. If you don’t feel well paid, or appreciated, or that you are getting any value out of your career, then it’s time to make a change. You may just find you can jump your way into a promotion by simply looking for a new role somewhere else.

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