Why Moms Should Become Therapists


Why Moms Should Become Therapists

If you are thinking of a career that might be right for you as a mom, you should not dismiss the idea of becoming a therapist. Becoming a therapist can often be a great idea for moms who are looking to make a career change or those who are looking to get back to work after the birth of their child. If you are a mom looking for a career, here are some reasons why becoming a therapist can be a great idea.


1.   They Know About Family Life

Having experience and insight into how family life works and the troubles that you may face in marriage and within your family is important for those that want to be a marriage and family therapist. As a mom, you will likely have had to face issues yourself within your family life and your relationships, and it is not often that family life is completely smooth sailing for anyone. Then, you can apply this insight and this knowledge of family life to your job. If you want to help others to overcome their problems and lead a better quality of life, you might be interested in finding out more about how you become a marriage and family therapist.

2.   They Have the Right Skills

One of the top reasons that moms should become therapists is that, often, many of the skills that you pick up as a parent are the same ones that you need to become an amazing therapist. For instance, you need to have patience and compassion as a mom, and you also need to be an excellent listener who can give thoughtful and measured responses to your child. It is also important as a parent that you communicate well with your child and that you have excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

if you know how to make proxy cards after the originals have gone missing, for example, it’s likely you possess these skills. These are all skills that you will also need in your job as a therapist, and so, if you think that you are ready to apply your new mom skills to a job, therapy might be the right career choice for you.

3.   They Can Control Workload

It is important to know that therapists are often self-employed. This can be a great opportunity for moms as it can allow them to work and earn money while also doing so around the needs of their children. This is especially important when your kids start school and when you might need to do the school run twice a day. However, being self-employed is not always a barrel of laughs, and you will need to take into consideration the fact that you will not get paid to get time off, even during school holidays, that you may have to work extra hours to earn enough money, and that your work can dry up at any time. You also need to be aware that you will need to be completely in charge of your own finances and completely independent when it comes to finding your next clients.

If you have been thinking about the future of your career a lot more since becoming a parent or after welcoming another little one to your family, consider sending it in another direction entirely. As this article has demonstrated throughout, therapy is a great career choice for moms, so take some time to carefully consider these points, do extra research, too, if it would help, and then see about getting yourself on the right track to enjoying this career for all it offers.


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