Glocusent 16 LED Rechargeable Book Light for Kids Review


Glocusent 16 led rechargeable book light Review 

Disclaimer I received this product for free for my honest opinion! All opinions are my own.

I love how this light has 16 LED rechargeable lights in this clip on reading light for books, and more. It has adjustable brightnesses three amber color lights and it’s perfect for kids, Tweens and even adults. The one we received is a pink one and it has an adjustable handle for you to move the light and whatever direction you would like.

That’s why is looking out for I care and more of a big experience for you and your child it has 16 advanced LED beads and there are three brightness levels that are dimable as you need them. No more eye strains for kids and adults. I am always looking for a new reading light something that I can use at night time whenever I don’t want to disturb my husband. 

Just one is perfect because I like how it has a built-in bookmark clip so it’s easy for the light to be directly on your pages. We use this mainly at night but I haven’t even had to forget it to charge it up yet and I pretty much use it at night whenever I’m reading I can tell you it has a great battery life. And this is also perfect for travel if you don’t want to disturb anyone whether you’re on an airplane or a bus you can just pop this light out and be able to read in the dark.   

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