Nadine West Style Spring in the Air March Review!


(Disclaimer) I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I am loving this month's bag from Nadine West they have such an amazing variety of styles and brand names that you receive monthly everything you can think of from tops, skirts, jewelry, and so much more. What is Nadine West? It is a monthly subscription bag that comes to you monthly or every two weeks depending on what option you choose. You take a style quiz and tell them exactly what your style is and they will pick out clothing according to your style. What you don't like don't worry they send you a prepaid label to send back what you don't like and just pay for what you keep!! That simple!

I received six items to review from Nadine west. This month was not a total hit with the items that my stylist picked out for me. I will let you know exactly what I received and exactly what I thought about them. I received a top, a cardigan type, bottoms, A dress, and some earrings.

So this month I received a couple items that were not as listed in my bag. I’ll start with the leopard dress I received. A cute dress however I have received this one twice in a row from my bag. This is something that wasn’t even my profile on Nadine west it was a completely different other dress. It shows as me getting a dress with flowers on it and that’s not what I received. 

The next item was this T-shirt dress that retails for $38.99 it has pockets and the color is actually really pretty it's a gray solid color. The only thing I have to say about this top is it is quite big on me it says it is plus size in the description but then says it’s a medium size on my notes. How do you like this top I still wear it it’s just going to be a little bit big on me I would recommend sizing down one or two sizes.

The next item I received is these jegging bottoms in black. They are really cute however I did say I didn’t need any more bottoms at this time and the stylist keeps choosing these types of clothing. I do like these types of pants however I just have way too many right now also need a break from them. And they sent a small and it doesn't fit. They retail for $24.99 but I got these in a small I am definitely a size medium in these pants. Similar to the below except in black. 

Next are the small hoop earrings I did not receive this item I was sent a larger pair of silver hoops I really do love them I love silver hoops regardless however the small ones that they were sending out to me still look pretty cute as well.

The next item I received that I really enjoy is this rose long sleeve dressy top. This top you can wear pretty much with a skirt or leggings or possibly even jeans. It is very versatile and very spring-like. This top paired very well with my black long skirt to church I really love the way it looks and the way it feels. It retails for $25.99 and is in a size medium. 

The next item is this Sherry top that you can wear over different blouses you can pair this up with dresses as well as jeans, in a size medium that retails for $26.99. I do like this top as well this would be great in a variety of different colors to go with different outfits. I always tend to have some sort of covering just in case I get cold because I pretty much freeze all the time.

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