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Round Decorative Wooden Tray

This round decorative wooden tray is great for making it the centerpiece of your kitchen or have it laying on an ottoman in your living room. Whatever way you choose to design it. It’s going to look gorgeous it can go with your home decor all year round. I have a few items on mine and ours on the kitchen counter for the fall. I added a candle, a little sign, a treat jar, and some salt and pepper shakers in a pumpkin design. 

But just be careful to not make sure anything splashes on this wood if it’s colored it will stain it. This is great really to put anything on you can get decorating ideas off of Pinterest. Or come up with your own this can be something that you do seasonally. And you can change out your decorations like I will do this for Christmas as well and put festive stuff on top of it.

It comes with two handles on the side for easy lifting and moving around. They can customize the finish that you like to match up with your home decor. The one I chose was the Golden oak but there are so many finishes that you can choose from around 24 to be exact. These come in two different sizes The 15 inches for $49.95 and the 18 inches for $54.95.

The seller was great to work with we went back-and-forth on what color I wanted it to match to a certain wood in a photo I had and the seller was on point with what they recommended. I absolutely love this tray I could see myself moving it around the house with different decor and styling it in different ways. This would be a great gift for a housewarming party or if you know someone moving into an apartment or house this will be perfect. 

Wooden Riser 

This wooden riser is gorgeous to put anywhere in the kitchen or the bathroom or even your bedroom. There are so many places that you could put this and you can store so many different things on it. Right now I have my dish soap, hand soap, and all-purpose spray.

You can tell that this wooden riser has put a lot of detail into it and you can choose the finish that you want. I chose the farmhouse style square riser in the color shabby chic it is a rustic color I absolutely love. And will be moving this all around the house. 

You can decorate these and customize them to the different seasons of the year add whatever you like to these risers there is no right or wrong. And they pretty much go with anything and everything in your home. This riser retails for $17.95 

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