Etsy Shop Nenas Headbands Review plus Coupon Code


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I want to tell you about the shop on Etsy called Nenas headbands when I tell you that they have one of the most amazing shops on Etsy I am not lying. This is a shop that is located in Dallas Texas and has a variety of different headbands for everyone. She has everything you can think of from floral designs, animal print, workout headbands, tie-dye headbands, and so many more.

I received five headbands some of the ones I received are baby blue, tie-dye in hot pink, waffle knit headband and burnt orange, striped headband and this deep teal, Red plaid, and the cow print headband as well. All these headbands retail for around $7.50 give or take. They have some really cute ones for the holidays coming up and I’m really excited to get my hands on them. They have some cute ones for Easter that our peeps designed, sunflowers, white leopard,

All the headbands I received are really comfortable and very stylish. The cow print I received is this beautiful white headband that has cow splotches everywhere I got this in the turban style, the next one I received is the waffle weave in the burnt orange color I also got this one in the turban style I will probably change it up the next time I order just to try a different variety out. The baby blue one I also received is in the turban style as well, however she does make them in a topknot. Along with that one I did receive the red plaid one and this is one I’m going to love around Christmas time and the winter season. Not only does she make headbands for adults she also makes them for kids as well even work out headbands which I am really considering getting because I can wear them whenever I’m running.

If you would like to check Nenasheadbands out she is giving my followers a coupon code if you "Use momma4life at check out for 25% off that is an amazing deal"!!

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