Dog Chew Toy ultrasonic Squeaker Review


Disclaimer This is my honest opinion on these products you’re opinion may differ. I received product for my honest review.

A little bit about this dog chew toy for training, boredom, and interactive biting perfect for large dogs, medium, and even smaller dogs. My dog absolutely love this as soon as we took it out of the packaging. At first I wasn’t exactly sure what this toy did. But let me tell you it’s pretty cool.

Dogs can hear this toy however you can’t. The reason being is it’s made with an ultrasonic squeaker and this worked with my dog at first I wondered why it was not making a noise and then I realized it was because of the ultrasonic squeaker. This is a very cool toy for your pet. If you were at home and hate to hear the sound of the squeaker over and over this is the perfect one for your pet.

This is something you would definitely need for your pet this would be perfect for their birthday, Christmas time, or just as a special gift for your for baby. The one we received is an alligator.It is made of a soft thick corduroy core and has a waterproof layer inside which can prevent dogs saliva from entering the stuffed animal.    

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