Cirkul Monthly Sips Review April


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Another great Cirkul Monthly Review this month I received four sips I want to talk about and let you know how the flavors measure up. No doubt about it there was no disappointment. The flavors I was able to review was the peach mango, vanilla ice coffee, white cherry, and orange. All of them I have tried and I loved.

Well, I will say that my least favorite was the peach mango but my daughter absolutely loved this one. My daughter loves my bottle to so this bottle works for anyone out there.

And out of all these flavors this month the white cherry is my favorite I am actually drinking it now. You can dial up the flavor to the intensity you want I usually keep mine at a 2 just because I want a hint of flavor. However, if you like things sweet dial it up higher it goes up to 9.

This company has bundles you can get with 4 sips and a bottle or customize it and have more sips. This is such a great idea to get more water intake I know the past few months it has really helped me drink more water. Cirkul has so many accessories on their site to go along with these bottles as well everything from chill sleeves, cartridge holder, and other great items.

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