Summer Essentials Guide 2021


I am so excited to open up my Summer Essentials Guide this summer. Hopefully, it is different than last year I hope. We kind of skipped over summer last year due to the virus and this year has to be better!!

So to explain what my Summer Essentials guide is in a nutshell anything and everything related to summer! It can be everything from outside gear to inside the home. And if you are a company whether your a big company or a small business and wanting to promote your summer products or products in general please contact me here or email me at

Summer Essentials consist of anything below or anything you can use during the summertime.



*Grilling/Yard Accessories

*Sunscreen/Tanning lotion/Self-tanner



*In the home/Decor

*Photo Gifts/Personalised Items

*Anything really you can use in the Summertime!


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