Pureauty Naturals Eye Cream Review


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I tell you the first thing I noticed with this eye cream is the color I know that’s a weird thing to say however it is not your standard white under eye cream. It is this beautiful blue color and I know color doesn’t really matter but that’s what caught my eye first hand. Then the magic of what this eye cream can do it helps reduce the appearance of puffiness, tired eyes, and dark circles. It also helps plump and smooth the appearance of fine lines, helps calm and hydrate in the delicate area, is suitable for all skin types and it works on both men and women.

I love the way this eye cream feels under my eyes it is a very cooling and thin cream all you need is a little bit to place under your eye area you can use it in the morning and evening. And you can use this every day which is great for your eyes and feels amazing. Some of the key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, cucumber fruit extract, and caffeine to wake up those tired eyes.

I will continue to keep using this eye cream I feel like it has helped wake up my eyes and open them and feel more hydrated. And also the good thing about this is it’s not greasy and I know in the past I’ve had I creams that tend to be a little greasy and don’t absorb as well this has absorbed very quickly into the skin.

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