Nadine West October Bag Review


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Nadine west is a monthly bag where they custom send you anywhere from 7 to 14 products in a monthly bag custom to you and your clothing preferences. They have clothing items and jewelry. You can pick what type of jewelry you like anything from necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You go online to and fill out a quiz telling them exactly what you like and your style.

The first item I received is this burnt orange long sleeve top I am really enjoying the way the top looks and feels it’s perfect for transitioning into wintertime. It has a crisscross neckline. The neckline is really flattering and perfect to wear for the holidays. This is a size medium and retails for $29.49 it also goes perfect with a great pair of black leggings which I am loving this mix-up.

The next item is these beautiful black leggings that I received they fit really comfortable and formfitting I got them in a size medium. These are something great to wear whenever you’re going out or just dressing up casually these leggings would be a great match up with any sort of top. I chose to match these with another burnt orange top however this one is short sleeve. These leggings retail for $20.99  to keep 

Another great item I received is this burnt orange short sleeve top that has buttons going down the middle it is really cute for the fall time and really comfortable. It is a little bit flowing but that is OK. I received it in a size medium and this would be great to wear for a night out or just going to the store. This shirt retails for $16.49 to keep 

This stripe dress that almost looks like a sailor type of outfit super stylish and cute. I’ve been wearing this one to church it has a tie in the front and the navy and white stripes are really nice as well. This dress is super comfortable and the material is stretchy. It hits right above the knee I love this dress it is definitely a keeper. I got it in a size medium. And retails for $35.55 to keep.

This gray dress that I received is pretty simple it is a solid gray color with stretchy material it is mostly made out of cotton-like material like I said this is a pretty basic not really my type of dress something a little bit more detailed is what I like. It is also pretty long length and most of the time I like something a little bit shorter. I received this in a size medium in a retails for $22.99 to keep

Another dress I received is one of my favorites it is a solid black neckline along with thinner black and white stripes. The material is super soft and is very formfitting this dress has about a quarter length sleeve. This dress also hits right above the knee which is the perfect length for me. This is something that’s perfect for winter. But every season of the year too.  It retails for $35.99

This solid olive flowey shirt is really comfortable it has quarter length sleeves I am really loving this for this time of year to keep me nice and warm. It goes really well with a pair of jeans or even leggings. This is a top I would keep it retails for $24.49  to keep you can even use this to layer underneath your clothes.

Next, I received one jewelry item a necklace. It's really unique and different. It's almost like a puzzle piece with a cut out in the necklace. It retails for $15.99 to keep.


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