Cactus Infused Hand Sanitizer Gel Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

With everything going on in times like these right now there is a shortage of hand sanitizer. I want to tell you about cactus infused hand sanitizer gel this hand sanitizer is like no other it doesn’t have a scent And kills 99.99% of germs. It is also cactus infused hence why the name is called cactus juice. It is a gel consistency but when first using it comes out as a liquid. It comes in an 8-ounce bottle of 236.5 Ml.

No, this hand sanitizer does not have a scent but it strongly smells like alcohol. The rubbing kind. And of course, because that is the main ingredient it will smell like that it has 68% of isopropyl alcohol. I really do like this hand sanitizer because I know it is killing germs. And it doesn’t dry out your hands.

Some of the inactive ingredients are water, cactus extract, glycerine, propylene glycol carbomer, triethanolamine. Made by prickly pear skincare located in Plano Texas. I’d highly recommend stocking up on some of these. When applying they are not sticky either which is really good because some hand sanitizers can be sticky. This hand sanitizer lasts for a long time it has an expiration date of April 2023 but as you know you can use hand sanitizer longer than that especially with alcohol being in it. So it has great shelflife.

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