Nadine West April Monthly Bag

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Nadine West monthly bag is one that I always look forward to every month. If you are not sure what Nadine West is it is a clothing monthly subscription where are you go on their website you take a quiz and they put it together a wardrobe meant for your style. Do you have your own personal stylist that picks out your items you may receive 6 to 10 items in your bag. You personally can try these on in the comfort of your own home if their items you don’t like you just send them back in the prepaid envelope. If you want to keep some items You simply pay for what you want to keep. It’s that easy. They also offer a few pieces of jewelry custom to your style.

The first item I received is this beautiful heather gray top this top is great for casual or dress-up wear. It has a crisscross detailing along the top and is really fancy I like it a lot the only thing it’s kind of low in the front so I would probably wear something underneath just to cover a little bit of the cleavage. It is very soft and comfortable top something I definitely could get used to wearing. It retails for $34.49.

This item that I received next is a beautiful black button-down sleeveless dressy top this time is great for the summer. What are you going to work or if you want to put it on with a pair of shorts it’s perfect a lightweight summer casual blouse. This material is super soft and very comfortable. This top retails for $27.49.

I also received a pair of dressy bottoms that would be great to wear for a casual workday they are black and white checkered and fit really good I wear a size medium and these are the perfect fit it goes great with the top above or any other top that is black or white. These bottoms retails for $20.19.

The next top is this silky gray boat neck casual top that is perfect for work or home it feels so good on and it’s very lightweight this gray color matches with pretty much anything neutral and looks amazing on I am wearing a size medium.

The next item is dark gray pants that cuff at the bottom and have light pinstripes these are great do you wear to work as well as wearing out with just a casual shirt. You can dress them up with flats or you gonna wear sneakers with them and it would still look really cute. These bottoms retail for $23.99.

And last but not least I received this necklace that has a few charms on it that’s perfect for summer. It had a crab, a seahorse, and a shell and a little charm this Necklace is perfect for when you go to the beach or maybe a night date or day date eating on the water. Perfect for going out to the beach. This necklace retails for $19.99.

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