Nadine West March Bag Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I am really excited to tell you about the bag from Nadine West this month of March. I have received some amazing items in mine and I am very happy with the bag I received one piece of jewelry, two pairs of pants, and three tops. The two pair pants are a stretchy material that you can wear whether you’re going to work or going out to dinner. Also, the two tops can be casual or dressed up. One of the tops is definitely a casual kinda top that is great to wear with a great pair of jeans.

The first I am I want to tell you about is this beautiful top that has a white lace beige looking I’m gonna go off the records and see if it looks more of an off-white color than beige. I am absolutely adoring this top perfect for spring and summer it falls off the shoulder. This top is very lightweight so perfect for the hot weather. I would recommend wearing something white and color underneath just because it is a little bit see-through. But this doesn’t take away from the amazing quality and look up this top. This top retails for $13.49. And it is Great with a good pair of jeans or denim shorts.

The next item I received is this burnt orangish cute top for spring and summer This top again is great to wear with a cute pair of denim shorts or jeans and a nice pair of sandals. It is super stylish and I love the detailing of the sleeves and the keyhole in the back. This would even be great with a nice skirt. I really am enjoying this top. Retails for $14.49

Another top I received is super cute it says fly like an eagle and has this crisscross detailing across your chest and it has an eagle on the front. This shirt is brown in color and the writing and detail is a white/off-white color. This material is really soft and flowing. This top retails for

The next few items I’m going to tell you about are the pants that I received through Nadine West. The first item is this pair of black and white dress pants that cuff at the bottom. These pants are super comfortable and great for a casual but yet dressy look for the workday or just going out. You can pair it up with different shoes to make it what you want. These pants are very comfortable and easy to move around in they are semi-stretchy material which makes it A+ in my book. These pants retail for $24.49. I really like the bottom of them.

The next pair of pants is this olive color that is made out of this stretchy material which I’m really loving as well. They came in a size med They are also really snug and cute and are perfect with the casual look.  They are also really snug and cute and are perfect with the casual look. I’m loving the green color it will go with anything. And match up with a lot of items.

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