Nadine west January Monthly Clothing Subscription Review

I'm so excited to tell you about our first month of the year with Nadine west what is Nadine West ?? It is a monthly clothing subscription where they send you out a selection of items and you choose whether to keep them or not. The items you don't want to keep you send back in a prepaid envelope they send you the shipping label included in your bag with the list of items you're receiving. It's a very easy subscription to receive and always have pretty much good things to say about this company. You can go on your style profile at any time and change up your selections. You go on there and take a short quiz to let them know exactly what kind of style you like and your sizes. They also have a selection of jewelry as well they put in your monthly bag.

I just kind of want to go over something very quickly the past couple months I've been receiving items that are generally the same in style. Even a couple months back to back I received one item and it was the same exact thing for both months. So I went onto my style profile and changed up my sizes and selections and every month they are supposed to look at that which they do. This month I was a little surprised they sent the smallest selection I've ever received not many items at all compared to other months. They say you can get anywhere from 7 to 12 items most of the time I've been getting 14 every month.  So I guess month to month it will vary on the items you receive some months I received up to 14 items, not including jewelry and then for jewelry I received up to three or four items. I have to state this is one of the subscription bags I do love. And not complaining about the amount just wanted to explain to my readers in case one is interested in this monthly subscription. 

In this month's bag, I received two tops, a bottom, a dress, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. The past couple of months I had chosen size small as the size for my items and a few of them were a little too small for me so before receiving my bag I went online to change my profile to size medium. Also in the quiz, you can tell them whether your style is casual, trendy, vintage, and so on. So this month they were able to change my size so the items I received were in a medium. And fit perfect.

The first item I received is this black sage fever A-line dress in a size medium which retails for $23.99. This dress is super cute it is a bit flowy on the bottom so if you are someone that likes more form-fitting dresses this would not be the dress for you. I do like this dress however this is probably not something I would wear on every occasion I needed a dress. I like something a little bit more form-fitting whenever I’m wearing dresses. But it's super comfortable and I love the material. This dress retails for $23.99.

The next item I received is this beautiful army green button top. It is very lightweight and forgiving so you could wear this and feel really comfortable. I love the Quarter length sleeves and also the length of it. This top is in a size medium and fits really well I absolutely love it. It has five buttons that go down the front. This top is called the Adrienne top and it retails for $27.99. I would definitely keep this and love it!!

Next is this Wendy black flowy top this top is really nice I like it a lot it’s comfortable and really easy to dress up with something dressy or more casual. This top is black with a soft white lining that falls at the bottom of the shirt to make it look a little bit nicer. I wore this top with a pair of skinny jeans and I really love it. This top retails for $24.49. I would also definitely keep this top as well.

The last clothing item I have are these Alma black bottoms these jeans/leggings are really comfortable and nice to wear with either a T-shirt or a dressy shirt, either way, they look amazing. These can stretch up over your belly button if you would like to wear them that way. I would definitely keep these. These jeans/leggings retail for $39.99.

The last few items are jewelry pieces a pair of earrings by Danika in silver they are dangling earrings that can be worn with something fancy or casual I am loving these especially since they are silver because that is definitely my style. These earrings retail for $14.99. 

And the other piece is this beautiful Karlie necklace that has so much detail and dimension on this necklace I know my daughter would absolutely love this item so I am going to share it with her. It's really beautiful and iridescent. This necklace retails for $29.99.

Can't wait to see what is in next month's bag to share with all my readers.

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