Christmas Gift Guide 2019

It's that time a year again and I'm really excited to tell you that I am going to be starting my Christmas gift guide for the 2019 year. So if you are a new company or even just an existing company that wants to get their products out there and promote them this would be the best opportunity for you.

The question always is what type of products I am excepting into my Christmas gift guide? They are listed below but not limited to anything Christmas related.

* Christmas related items "Stockings, Pajamas, Ornaments, Decor, and so much more.

* Makeup 
* Clothing 
* Food/ Snacks
* Beverages/ Alcoholic/Non Alcoholic
* Boardgames/Toys
* Electronics/Tech
* Pets
* Stocking stuffers 
* Candles/Wax Cubes
* Household Items
* Perfumes/Fragrance/Lotions
* Outdoor Accessories 
* Movies/Music
* And so much more...

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