June Nadine West Bag Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Another Bag from Nadine West for the month of June I am so excited to tell you about the items I received I am so excited about telling you the items I received this month was definitely a summer month regarding the clothing items I received first I want to tell you I received quite a few shorts that I am really enjoying as well as a few shirts, pants, jewelry, and other items. 

If you were unaware of what Nadine West it's A monthly clothing and jewelry subscription that comes to your doorstep each month and you decide what you want to keep or what you want to send back I really enjoy this monthly subscription it's like having a birthday every month. So basically you go on their website and take a style quiz they send you items that are custom to what you like. This is a risk-free monthly subscription you don't have to buy everything and you can try everything on in your house and send back what you don't want and they send a prepaid label in your package. This is a reasonably affordable monthly subscription each item is priced between 10 and 30 bucks there are no hidden fees.

The first item I want to talk about is this top it's in a mustard yellow color that is sleeveless and has little foxes on the outside. This top is really cute but just not for me I do like the design of the top however the little foxes on the front are super cute but just don't fit in with my taste. This top is in a size medium and a retails for $25.99.

The next item I received are these cute bottoms I absolutely love them they are super comfortable and soft they are in the color army green I love and in a size medium, I love how these pants have pockets in the front and have elastic on the bottom. These pants are super comfortable to wear out however I wouldn't wear them during the summer-these are more of a fall or winter item. Right now I kinda lounge around in the house and they are super comfortable. These pants retail for $24.99. And definitely, a must-have and I love them.

The next item I received are these camo leaf multi-design bottoms these bottoms fit really well they are in a style where they fit a little looser at the bottom. These are in a size medium so they are pretty big on me. Not really my style but they are super comfortable to wear around the house. They are super cute but just not my style doesn't mean someone else wouldn't absolutely love them maybe if they were a little bit smaller I could wear them out. These bottoms retail for $21.99.

The next item I received is this super cute flowy red top I am loving it and it came in perfect timing for the Fourth of July. This top is definitely my style and I think if it was a little bit smaller it would be even more perfect. I received this top in a size medium it retails for $24.49. I can't wait to pair this with something amazing for the Fourth of July.

Next, are these really cute flowy shorts in a mustard color I really am enjoying their shorts they are perfect for summer and are in a striped design cream and mustard. The shorts would pair out perfect with a cream or white top the only thing I would change is getting these in a size small instead of a size medium I am fairly on the small side. And don't have a butt I have hips and I think getting a size small will accentuate my shape a little bit better. They retail for $12.49.

I am loving this next item it is a black top that has a solid tank top style with mesh sleeves and a mesh collar. This is actually a really cool shirt I haven't really seen anything like this before it would be great to wear out casually or wear when you work out this is something I definitely would choose for myself. It retails for $25.99.

Next was this, not your Grammys Cami adjustable straps black tank top. I am really enjoying this tank top I love this size, fit, style and so much more. This is perfect to wear with any pair of jeans or if you are layering clothing. This top is very versatile and perfect for summer or winter or any season for that matter. I love how it fits lower cut but has straps going across the front. This Cami retails for $23.49. This is definitely one I would keep it is so my style.

The next item I want to talk about is this white lacey afternoon shorts. These shorts can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. I got these in a size Med and are just a little bit big on me. I would of went with a small. Perfect with a nice pair of sandals or wedges. They retail for $23.19 and I love them so much. This is definitely a huge yes for me.

Next, are these super cute leopard pants I am not sure if these are lounge pants or going out pants. I really wouldn't go out in these unless I was just lounging around, however, I love these for sleeping in they are super soft and comfortable. They retail for $23.99 and are super soft and comfy they fit perfectly and I would have to say I would choose these to lounge in but not wear out.

And last but not least clothing-wise I received this really cute top in a blue color this shirt is so my style I have to say probably out of everything I like this top the most. I should've got it in a size small though it's a little big on me I will make it work. You can pair this top up with shorts or jeans or even dress pants. It has a high low front and is sort of like a muscle T-shirt tank top but longer. I would definitely choose this top as one of the items I love. It retails for $24.49.

Next onto the jewelry the first piece I received well first let me tell you I received three pieces one pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet.

The first item I received are these pair of earrings by Maren Elena these are beautiful we are here and I am really enjoying. They are a perfect size and are not too heavy on the ears. I would definitely choose these earrings and retails for $7.99.

The next item is this beautiful necklace again by the company Maren Elena this necklace is really beautiful it is silver and has a lot of beads around the necklace. This would be perfect to wear whether you're dressed casual or going out and dressing up for the night. This necklace retails for $24.99.

And last but not least is this silver bracelet that is really beautiful and goes with pretty much everything. This bracelet retails for $8.19. I would definitely choose this bracelet to wear out for an evening out or even during the day as well.

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