Nadine West March Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Again what another great month for receiving items from Nadine West we are in that transitional period between winter and springtime so the items I received are geared toward that. I am loving all the items I received this month and I can't wait to tell you about each and every one of them. If you don't know what Nadine West is you go online to our website to take a quiz letting the company know your type of style and what you were interested in. It asks you what your clothing type is such as classic, trendy, vintage, and romantic. I am really loving this monthly clothing box that is catered to your style.

Its that time again where we're transitioning into springtime from the winter so I received quite a few beautiful items. These items are very lightweight so perfect for this time of year. I received five jewelry pieces two necklaces, a bracelet, two earrings I also received three tops, and a pullover lightweight hoodie, and two pair of leggings.

The first top I received is this absolutely beautiful yellow plaid looking top it is perfect for transitioning into spring time it is very lightweight and you can layer it with a tank top underneath. This top will pretty much go with anything I would pair it up with black jeans or pants. It will also be really nice for the fall time it is the perfect fall color. I am loving the style of it and the material is very soft. I would definitely keep this as one of my choices. The brand is Alter Ego in Large.

The next top I received is really cute as well it is a white and brown top that is flowy in the front. It is great for winter, spring, summer, and fall. You could wear a jacket over the top during the winter time and the same for the fall. This top would look great with jeans or shorts which I really like. It is super comfortable and the material is soft and I really like this top and the style of it as well. I definitely will be wearing this a lot during the spring and summer time. Would look amazing in other colors too.
The brand is west cost love in a medium.

The next item I received is another top that's great for spring and fall time. It is probably one of my favorite items in this months bag. It is a long sleeve army green, black, and gray or lightweight long sleeve flowy top. This is great to pair with black skinny jeans or leggings or even some gray dress pants. You could dress this top up or down and make it your own. This material is really soft against the skin as well I really love it. Dress it up or wear casual. The brand is hippie chic in a med.

The next item I received plaid white and black leggings with pockets these leggings are a perfect size and fit really well. They will be perfect any time of year but really great during the fall time or winter. They don't offer much warmness but as any leggings don't really offer that. But they're really stylish and cute. They can be paired up with a dress shirt or a more casual shirt either color white or black. The brand of these leggings are Shosho in medium. 

The next pair of leggings I received are these black leggings that have a design across the thigh it looks like it is a stripe that is all leather material which is something different for leggings and I absolutely love it. Again these leggings can pretty much go with anything they are black and we all know black goes with anything. The brand of these leggings are and they are super soft and comfortable. This brand is the same Shosho in a medium as well.

And last but not least finishing the clothing is this Maroon lightweight jacket hoodie with cream accents. This is going to be one of my staples this fall time. I am absolutely loving the color and the fit of this jacket and to top it off it's super soft. And it will be perfect here where we live because it doesn't get freezing cold but cold enough to wear this. It comes with a hoodie that is super cute it also has pockets. This hoodie just flips over your head it doesn't have a zipper or anything. It is also low-cut in the front so you want to make sure you're definitely wearing something underneath I would recommend a cute tank top that has lace detail around the collar. This is probably one of my second favorites out of the bunch. I love it. This brand Heart and Hips is the best in a size Large.

Now onto the jewelry, I received their first piece is this pair of earrings that are dangling they are a gold triangle with a cream rectangle. These earrings are so beautiful and will go with pretty much anything. Wear something casual or wear something dressy either way these airings go with both options and I am really loving their design. They are very light and not too heavy on the ear. Kaiya brand earrings.

Then I received another item a necklace that is silver plated and has a quote on it it says learn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow. And the back of it says live the life you love with a heart. This necklace is really nice it has the charm that is in the shape of an oval that states this quote and has a really great quality chain perfect for dressing up or dressing casually. Live Life brand.

The next item is this bracelet that has multiple beads in the gray and a darker charcoal color and it attaches with a magnetic ball that's made out of silver crystal. This is a really nice bracelet but I don't normally wear bracelets like this. It's great for going out so I will wear it that way. However, this bracelet is not an everyday accessory just for going out I would recommend but everyone has their opinion. It's made really well and looks very stylish. Jacenta silver bracelet.

The next item is this multicolor dangling circle layered earrings. These earrings are kind of 2 toned and look great on the ear. They are a little bit on the heavier side which is OK but I think I would just wear these on special occasions and not an everyday thing. only because of the weight on them. I do love these and will wear them just on special occasions. Hadley brand earrings.

And the last jewelry piece I received is this cool long tie necklace you can adjust it by pulling the charm up and down the necklace you can make it longer or shorter. I really do like this necklace and can see myself pairing it with a bunch of outfits whether I'm going out or just going out during the day. I really do like these jewelry pieces. The brand is Lariat necklace with crystal gold drops.

If you are looking for an amazing clothing subscription monthly box Nadine west is one that I would highly recommend you keep what you like and send back what you don't. All the items I received in this month bag I really am enjoying. The Nadine west monthly box is free with no weird fees you pick what you like and the only thing that you will see is a shipping fee which will be credited toward what you keep in your monthly package. Prices range anywhere from $10-$30. If you use the code Nadine this will waive the shipping fee.

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