INTEGEAR Magic Speed Cube 3x3 (6 Pack) Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

My kids love anything they can use to make their brain work and they are loving these speed magic cubes by Inegear. These cubes are slightly flexible but are very similar to a Rubik's cube you have to get all the same colors in the same direction just like in a Rubiks cube. Speed magic speed cubes are 3 x 3 and come in a six pack these are great to keep for yourself or give some to your friends they would absolutely love them too. Even I sat down with the kids and tried to do this.

These magic cubes are perfect for all ages even the kid at heart. These cubes promote problem-solving skills, hand and I coordination, and cognitive thinking. These are great for birthdays, Christmas, and even for Easter baskets coming up. They are made of eco-friendly material and made with non-toxic ABS material that is long-lasting.

These cubes are in vibrant colors that make it easy to try to match up. Can you be the winner? This comes in a pack of six so why not challenge your friends? I think this would be something that will be super fun. It has a faster return process so you can cut corners for advanced playing. 

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