Disney Elena of Avalor Realm of the Jaquins Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

So excited to have the DVD Disney channels, Elena of Avalor, this is his fourth and DVD compilation. What a beautiful and unique princess Elaina is a different princess then the other princesses she is Latina this DVD runs about 89 minutes long and has four episodes and 10 bonus shorts. The kids love watching all Disney Junior shows however they are a little older but just because you're older doesn't mean they can't like these shows.

Oh, Elena of Avalor Realm of the Jaquins is perfect for all kids young and older. Some of the episodes are realm of the Jaquins, three jacquins and a princess, and shapeshifters. And of course the 10 bonus shorts. Flight of the butterfrog, sleeping sunbird, fast food, Peabunny boogie, human nature, The heist, royal treasury escape room, nothing bur blaze, stowaway, don't be our guest.

You can get your copy below this DVD is great for younger girls and boys it doesn't matter. It entertains your little one with Elena of Avalor you're a little one will want to dress up just like Elena.


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