BearEGards Perfect for Mommy and Baby Elephant Review

I am so excited to tell you about BEAREGARDS what are they you ask well let me tell you a little about them for several years my career with Air Force special operations command forced his wife and children to endure the painful hardship a mini long separation from their father his daughter for a guy who he was and cried as if he was a stranger every day that I've had was physically and emotionally draining on his wife. The one thing that they discovered that would help soothe his young children was tape recordings of his voice why he was gone. In hopes to share with other spouses who are forced to separate from their families to follow their careers BEAREGARDS comforting bearers was founded.

After a little bit of telling you about them I want to tell you about the one we chose for a review. They have all kinds of recordable bears and animals and they also have military beers and specialty clothing and plus clothing for the animals not just that you can use this to record your baby's heartbeat through ultrasound.
So the animal that we chose was the 15 inch recordable/elephant that retails for $26.95 this elephant is so adorable it could be for a boy or a girl it doesn't matter. This elephant is so soft and cuddly I can't wait to use this for our third child it will be perfect so in the back side of the elephant is the recordable device.

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