Cool Gel N Cap Review

What a great idea. When your kid's are sick you can have the Cool Gel Cap it's really cool. It's for anything ranging from bumps, bruises, and earaches. What I like about it is that your child won't have to sit there and hold something up to their head it sits on their head like a hat kind of like the winter caps they sell and there are inserts to slide the gel packet in. 

We received the puppy to review and we love it. It fits perfect on his head and the material is so soft.  

A little about the Company: 

Cool Gel N Cap was thought up by a father on his first day of caring for his son all by himself. Here’s the story from Timothy’s perspective.
“My wife had just returned to working outside the home. I admit I was feeling some pressure to prove that I could handle watching our curious toddler, Lukas.

I was trying to multitask, and Lukas was playing hard as usual. Suddenly, he started to fall, and I wasn’t able to catch him before his head hit our kitchen bench. It was one of the worst bumps Lukas had ever gotten! I was frantic as the bump kept growing. Too scared to call my wife, I called the pediatrician first.
As I juggled a screaming Lukas, the phone and an ice pack, I couldn’t hear a thing the doctor was saying. In a moment of inspiration, I grabbed our son’s winter cap, slid the ice pack inside and placed it on his head. Just like that, all was calm.
The sudden silence alarmed the doctor. He actually asked if Lukas had passed out! After I explained what I had done, the doctor said I should make it into an invention. And so I did!”
“Cool Gel N Cap is a practical, user and kid friendly device which can ease our little patients’ pain from head bumps, headaches or earaches. The concept is genuinely well thought out, and should be a value to parents.”

About Toby:

Toby is our first and most lovable character… full of life and spunk.
Based on our yellow Labrador retriever, Toby is a loyal puppy dog that loves to play Frisbee and swim in the creek. He’s always there to comfort and watch over you — a true and devoted friend for life.
Help Toby be your friend and make those “lumps and bumps be gone!”
Fun Fact:
Labrador Retrievers love to carry/chew objects in their mouth. They have extremely refined control over their jaw muscles, and are able to carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it. That reminds us how our Toby loves to affectionately nibble on our ears!

About the Gel Packs:

Instant ice packs make it easy to treat bumps and bruises. If you are a parent, grandparent or caregiver, you’ve likely experienced many situations where having an instant cold compress on hand would have helped. These versatile instant packs allow you to bring comfort whenever needed, whether at the zoo, theme park or playground.
Totally non-toxic and environmentally safe, our compresses are manufactured in the United States by Nortech Labs, which produces a wide assortment of first aid treatments that utilize hot and cold therapies.
Provide outstanding pain relief without the need for over-the-counter pain medications
  • Non-toxic instant ice packs are, cost effective, completely safe and easy to use.
  • Allows just the right amount of cool or warm; comfortable for children’s skin.
  • On the go relief for those falls away from home.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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