Rollie Egg Master Review/Giveaway

I am obsessed with the Rollie Egg Master I have always had left over eggs where I had to throw them out because we don't finish them in time. This is a much easier way to eat eggs a healthier way to eat eggs I am so happy I hear about this master piece. Now the whole family eats more eggs. And I can't wait to try the different recipes to go along with it. I love eggs and I am so happy I can eat more of them.

Here is the Rollie Heating Up!

At first I was a little nervous with using this because it said to time it and I was scared the egg would be under cooked to my surprise it was perfectly cooked. The first time we used it we actually went through a whole carton of eggs. I was so excited when the first one came out this machine is so neat.

Here is the egg in the cooking process.

When you start out you crack 2 eggs no need to beat them or anything you just crack them and add them to the Rollie. And they start cooking right away. Did I mention make sure you spray the inside every time to insure the egg doesn't stick.

This is when it is almost fully cooked I was getting excited to see how it came out it cooked roughly 7 minutes but it will roll out of the rollie when it is completely cooked and ready to eat!!

And here it is this is what the egg looks like when it comes out. Don't it look really good. I should have cut it in half and took a picture so you could see what the inside looks like but basically it looks like the inside of a boiled egg. It was so yummy.

My Dad was excited to try these too. And he loved it!!

This is the final product doesn't this look good?? This is actually 4 eggs all together. Two for each one very filling I have a good appetite so I at these plus more. If you love eggs and want something fast, healthy, and simple check out the Rollie you won't be sorry. The Rollie retails for $29.99 plus shipping and handling. I wanted to try the other recipe with the bacon in the middle but didn't have any. I'll get it the next time I try.

Breakfast is a hassle; it’s messy and you’re busy. But now there’s a way for you and your family to have a hot breakfast – with the Rollie EggMaster! Just crack your egg, pour it in and watch it pop up in minutes! And eggs are just the beginning, make tasty rollie burritos, perfect pizza rollies or cinnamon rollies for a delectable dessert.  The Rollie EggMaster makes pop-up treats that EVERYONE loves to eat!

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  1. migas (that's eggs with leftover tortilla strips)
    trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

  2. scrambled with shredded cheese and braed crunbs

  3. I like them scrambled with cheese

  4. I like my eggs cooked in coconut oil with salt and pepper.

  5. I love my eggs soft boiled or poached. I can eat them any way though.

  6. I like my eggs scrambled and well done.

  7. I like mine scrambled with cheese on top or I like them boiled.
    sellcrystal2 at yahoo dot com

  8. scrambled with cheese and meats and veggies.

  9. Over easy with lots of black pepper ;)

  10. I like them cooked flat in a pan with cheese and spices on them, then I place the cooked egg on a soft flat tortilla, fold in half...cut in 2 for me and my husband. Yum!

  11. I like mine fried hard with salt and black pepper

  12. Of course scrambled.