BoxWave Iphone 5 Case Review

I was really excited when I had the opportunity to review some products from Boxwave. The products I was able to review was the..

This phone case is really nice it is rubber but not the type of rubber where it is going to be stretched out. I feel having this case on my phone does protect it even the sides are covered which is a bonus for me!! If you are looking for some great cases at great prices go check Boxwave out.

This is the front see how sleek and pretty. This case also has grippers on the back so if you put it on a slick surface it grips onto that surface so it doesn't fall off table. 

Reveal your distinctive techie style with BoxWave’s Gummy Pixel Case! 

The Gummy Pixel Case is a low-profile, rubberized case with a pixelated grid pattern. The form-fitting design gives your Apple iPhone 5 a firm grip on any surface, while raised edges recess your screen to protect it when placed face down. Precision constructed with cushioned TPU plastic, the Gummy Pixel Case provides reliable protection from accidental bumps and drops. 

Designed with distinctive pixelated grid pattern on the back, the Gummy Pixel Case accentuates the character of your Apple iPhone 5. 

Available in: Teal, Frosted Clear, and Smoke Grey color.

The next case I was able to review was the...

This is also a really nice case very sleek and very protective. And it helps it's pink my favorite color ever. These cases you can see the apple logo through and also come around the sides of the phone for protection. Another one that won't get stretched out of shape it holds it's shape. 

This phone doesn't have grippers on the back but has a great material where it's not gonna slide off a table. 

Stylish, unique, and functional.  BoxWave's Cyclone Crystal Slip for the Apple iPhone 5 is an ultra low profile rubberized case that slips and grips onto your Apple iPhone 5.  Precision constructed with anti-slip and cushioned material, the Cyclone Crystal Slip case provides reliable protection from accidental bumps.  It comes in your choice of various colors.  This lets you customize the color of your Apple iPhone 5!

Designed with cyclone debossed patterns on the back, the Cyclone Crystal Slip accentuates and adds character to your Apple iPhone Available in: Azure Blue, Cosmo Pink, and Frosted Clear color

And for the last one I was able to review a...

Apple iphone 5 Duosuit

This case is another great one I love, love the color in cosmic pink it is pretty much see through very protective doesn't stretch out and keeps it's shape. With this one there is a cut out for the apple logo. This also has that rubber material I love.

The DuoSuit is a form fitting Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) case.  The dual matte and glossy surfaces come together in an “S” design across the back of the case. 

DuoSuit’s purposeful “S” design stands for its: 

Slim profile 
The DuoSuit’s ultra slim, form fitting design fits like a glove instead of a winter coat: providing real protection without adding bulk. 

Surprising Strength 
The durable construction your device deserves a case with strength to match.  The DuoSuit’s TPU construction provides an optimum blend of high strength, elasticity, and resistance to scratches. 

No-Slip Style 
Anti-slip grips on both sides of the DuoSuit hug your device to prevent accidental drops. 

The DuoSuit is smartly constructed around your device’s features and display.  Sophistication knows when to get out of the way. 

The DuoSuit: Surround yourself with Style

Available in Cosmo Pink, Jet Black, Smoke Grey, and Turquoise color

I really do love all these cases and highly recommend boxwave to find ideal cases for you and for great prices.

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