Safari Ltd Review

This company Safari Ltd is a great place to check out for your kids. They have all kinds of items and not just for boy's for girl's too. First off when we received these items the first thing I noticed was the big catalog that came with the order it was so nice to see everything they have available they have a lot.   They have everything from dino's figures, horse figures, incredible creatures, north american wildlife, and fantasy figures. We received the Prince PatrickPrincess Penelope, these of course I knew Jordyn would loves anything princess related and loves figurines in general.

Celebrating 30 years 1982-2012

 It seems like only yesterday when my parents, after returning from a trip to Germany, showed me a children's card game that would be the beginning of Safari Ltd. It's theme was endangered species. The year was 1979.

A few years later in 1986, we signed the most important license agreement in the company's history with the carnegie museum of natural history.  
This license allowed us to produce authentic, scale model dinosaur figurines with the collaboration of their paleontologist. 25 years later children, adult collectors and educators worldwide enjoy purchasing these unique replicas. As a fascinating side note , I discover that some of the original painters in the factory are still painting some of the same Carnegie dinosaurs 25 years later.

Jordyn loved all the figurines that she received and is very happy to have them. And even Jayce tried to play with them. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter!!!

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