LilMelon Knee Pads Review/Giveaway

Learning to crawl walking and running are very exciting things that is a part of your child's development. Lil Melon baby knee pads allow your baby to explore the world freely without being stopped about bumps and aches. They are soft and versatile and easy to wear just like socks.  These knee pads have just the right amount of padding for baby or toddler.

The story behind lil melon:

For babies growing up can be a bumpy road all though getting bruises from crawling and walking are natural and a part of life. Lil melon understand about giving your child the extra protection, it can help them me more confident and more mobile on their own.

We love these knee pads we have also went without him wearing theses and his poor knees get all red from the floor not to mention dirty we have also washed these like normal.

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We are reviewing the Giraffe ones and these are so great before these Jayce poor little knees were all red and dirty these are the perfect fit for him and he can wear these for hours without them bothering him. We love them!!

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  1. That these are adorable and love the designs
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  2. learned that: For babies, our stylish knee pads protect against carpet burns and bruises when crawling indoors and outdoors. And for toddlers, the cushioning prevents cuts, bumps and scrapes that can occur from falling and tripping in playgrounds and cement floors. Your child will be happy and confident to venture out anywhere now.

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  3. I learned that they have very cute products!

  4. I learned that they can protect babies knees from carpet or floor burn!

  5. These can keep baby's knees from getting dirty or sore when crawling!

  6. They can protect babies' knees from carpet burn