Glodose Review/Giveaway

Introducing Melissa Like all Mother's those times when the kids are sick are the most troubling. For a Mother she learned that it is usually late at night when children's fever's peek and their illiness make them the most irritable. When her own children were sick and would wake at night feverish and cranky her sole priority would be getting them back to sleep and quickly and comfortably as possible. Because she would need to give the medicine at night she was torn about giving them the right dose and the fear of turning the light on in the room would further irritate them and making them return to sleep would make it more difficult and because he children share a room turning on the lights could of waken her other child unnecessarily. 

So she invented the GloDose to make her life as a Mom easier  and to help other parents and grandparents take care of their children illness that require a dose of medicine at night. As she learned the troubling static's regarding mis- and overdosing young children with liquid medicines. Her resolve to make glodose a reality became stronger. With glodose parents can administrator night time doses of medicine quickly and safely while minimizing irritation to the already sick child in need of a good nights sleep. 

This product was given to me for review purposes. In exchange for my honest opinion on this product. I was not paid for this review. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I like how easy it is to use. All you have to do is press down on the handle to illuminate. This can be all done with the lights off, even adding the medicine.

  2. Underdosing and overdosing are both dangerous and the light on this dropper helps eliminate the need for turning on the lights to ensure proper dosage!

  3. The Glo Dose is a safer way of dosing at night, which lowers the risks of underdosing or overdosing.