Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ultra BRIGHT LED Headlamp - SUPER COMFORTABLE! Review + Giveaway

I am loving this headlamp it is perfect for when you're outdoors at nighttime. I use this plenty of times whenever I was putting air in my tires to see my tire It just happen to be at nighttime and I had this lamp in my glove compartment so it was perfect. This headlamp is also great if you walk at night it's super bright so you can see faraway. Nothing would really ever sneak up on you because you would be able to see perfect. This is also great if you're out camping and you need that light to see something because we all know with camping is outdoors all the time so if you're in a tent and you need to see something just this is perfect all around.

If you go out for camping or just spend time outdoors this is the perfect headlamp for you make sure to go check it out. These would make great father's Day gift or birthday gift or even Christmas I know Christmas is half a year away but it's coming up.

Are you looking for an alternative to the bulky, hand-held flashlights we traditionally rely on for spot illumination? Are you tired of beams of light that that are either too strong, too weak or just can’t quite reach what you need to see? If your answer to either of those questions is yes, then you need the XE Series Headlamp.

The XE Series Headlamp offers a lightweight headlamp with adjustable elastic strap for a snug and customized fit every time. A dimmer and multiple modes allow you to adjust the light strength to suit your task-at-hand. And speaking of hands, both are free for use when you rely on XE Series Headlamp . This automatically results in 50% greater efficiency when compared to performing the same task using a standard flashlight. Made from military-grade materials, this headlamp is guaranteed to work as hard as you do! And at $27.97, you can afford to have one in your car, in the basement, on the boat, in the RV… everywhere you currently have a bulky handheld flashlight. The XE Series Headlamp is great for camping, hiking, biking, running, boating, home improvement, reading… and much, much more.  This headlamp will make a great gift for Dad, Grad, and even that person who is impossible to shop for. 


  1. I'd use it for when I am taking down old plaster and hanging drywall. Oh, I could think of many uses for this

  2. No, I have never owned one of these so I think it is pretty cool

  3. No, i have not tried one of these yet.

  4. This would be for myself and i would use this when i go over the road trucking with my husband. This would be good to use at night while walking my dog at the truck stops.

  5. Yes I have and I would give this to my son to help hunt for nightcrawlers!!

  6. I have not used a headlamp before. It would be for me to use on night walks.