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How to manage screen time of your kids without giving them blues?

How to manage screen time of your kids without giving them blues?

Making sure your kids don’t spend most of their time on screen is a real struggle for parents. The other day I was reading a research that said on average, children spend 7 hours a day on screen. What’s surprising is that more than one-third toddlers in America start using mobile devices before they are even out of their diapers. To be honest, I have heard my friends with pre-teens and teens complain that homework and partying are not that big of issues these days, the most challenging thing for parents now is how to get their kids to put their smartphone and tablets down. If we don’t tackle this problem now, we may have to deal with consequences such as social isolation, bullying, lack of concentration, bad language and even exposure to porn later on. 
My kids haven’t reached their teenage but I am indeed worried about managing and controlling their screen time. I know for parents, the best remedy to make a baby stop crying is to hand over the tablet playing nursery rhymes and other videos they might be interested in. It’s like a pacifier for kids but there will come a time when your kid won’t take his eyes off the screen whether it is their tablet, smartphone or even TV. Every time I take the tablet away from my kids, I see them making puppy dog faces just so that I can give it back for 10 more minutes.

I have decided to make rules in the house for managing screen time without giving my kids blues. That I was successfully able to do with Xnspy a mobile tracking app that even lets you control the devices that your kids use. It is a blessing for parents like you and me who want the best for their kids. So, as I was saying, here is what can be done to manage screen time:

Set a screen curfew

First thing is first, I have set a screen curfew. After 7 P.M., nobody is allowed to use their devices and that includes us, parents, too. You got to be bold enough to stick to it and let your kids know there are no exceptions. One of the biggest issues with phones and gadgets is their ability to disrupt our sleep. I don’t really take away the gadgets from my kids, what I do is use Xnspy to remotely lock their devices. When it’s bedtime, I don’t even use the tablet to read bedtime stories to my kids. I do it the old fashioned way i.e. I read the story from the actual book. 

Keep media out of the kid’s bedroom.

Do not ever make the mistake of placing a TV or computer in your kid’s bedroom. Otherwise, you will always be in the dark about what they are up to. Whether they are playing video games, watching a movie or anything else that involves media, they should be in front of your eyes. Hence why we only have one TV and it’s placed in the living room.

Organize family nights together. 

Before your kid complains what they will do without their tablet or smartphone, plan out family nights together. Friday night could be game night and Sunday could be the day when the whole family goes out for a picnic, etc. Don’t let your kid sit idle, wanting a smart device to entertain themselves. If your kid has a favorite TV show, watch it with them. Plant the seed of doing activities and watching TV or movies together so that every time your kid wants to do something new, they come to you by habit. 

Be involved in their lives

Let me tell you one thing, if you suddenly start using a mobile tracking app to watch your kid, they will never approve of it. As a matter of fact, they might even turn away from you. Why? Because you weren’t involved in their lives, to begin with. Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t leave your kid with TV, tablet or a mobile phone at a young age. Pay attention to them, play with them, have meals with them and share personal stories. Our young ones crave for these things you know. 

Keep observing your child’s behavior 

TV, video games, movies, in fact, everything kids see on screens immediately impact their behavior. You may find your child is becoming impatient, irritable or even aggressive. You may be using apps that monitor phone and tablet usage to keep an eye on your kids but don’t forget that you have to keenly observe their behavior too. Be on the lookout for behavior changes so that you can figure out what’s healthy for your kid and what’s not.
Some info about Xnspy as your sidekick in screen time management 

Now let me explain how useful a mobile tracking app like Xnspy can be for us parents. First of all, the app was really simple to install. It is compatible with all latest Android OS. I liked its interface, it was easy for all parents to understand even if we are not that tech savvy. 
Xnspy wasn’t expensive at all. If you just have basic monitoring needs, then you can choose its Basic Edition that starts from $8 a month. But if you have some advanced monitoring needs, for instance, you have pre-teens or teens and you want to monitor their social media conversations, then you will need the Premium Edition that starts from $12 a month. It is pretty affordable. They don’t have a trial version for this mobile tracking app and I wasn’t happy with that but I carefully evaluated the app with the live demo version available at their website and everything seemed promising. Thank God! I wasn’t disappointed when I actually subscribed to xnspy. 

So, here are is what I loved doing with Xnspy:
I can track my kid’s location.
It lets me see the apps installed on my kids’ devices and I have the choice of blocking apps too.
I can check their web browsing history.
I can lock the device whenever I want remotely. 
The only problem I found in this mobile tracking app was that one subscription lets you monitor a single device only. But overall, it was worth the shot. 
Hope this guide helps all parents. Good Luck in managing screen time! 

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