Friday, February 5, 2016

Momma4life's Media Kit 2016

Media Kit  

Momma4life is my blog and I do all the reviews to the best of my ability and have fun doing reviews for my family, the companies, and my followers! I do all my giveaways on Giveaway Tools. I would love to help with Free blogger opp giveaways, host my own giveaways with reviews I have set up with companies.

 If you'd like me to review a product for your company, please email me at

 My name is Jennifer. I live in Florida. I got married in July 07'. I found out I was pregnant in May of 08. My Mom unfortunately passed away unexpectedly 2 months after and on my 1 year wedding anniversary!!  And 2 days before my Birthday. We have [2] children together one daughter and one son are daughter 7yrs  and our son 4 years old. I don't know what I would do without them<3 I'm always looking for new products to review. I started blogging in 2011, and I love every moment of it! We are also Ttcing for baby number 3 which will more then likely be our last!! 

Services Provided:

Reviews, Giveaways, Sponsored Contact, Ad Space, and so much More.

Some of the things I write about:

* Makeup/Beauty
* Food/Baking/Beverages
* Party/Entertainment/Local Events/Theme Parks/Etc
* Movies/Adult/Children
* Holiday Gift Guide
* Clothing/Fashion/Men/Women/Children
* Pets/Dog
* Sponsored Posts
* Electronics
* Gift Cards
* Recipes
* Crafts
* Toys/Games  

My Review Rules and Terms: 

1. I must have the item in my possession before I can review anything. 

2. "Please Note" I do not return products that I review and they need to be "Full Size Products" "No Samples" 

3. Once I have received the product it will take me up to a week or two before I actually put my review up on my blog site. That being said if I really really love the product it will probably be up the next day!!! 

4. For Giveaways I require the company to send out product to the winner. 

5. Value of product or combination of products reviewing or gift cards must equal $50 in value if less we can discuss the possibilities just email me at

If you want to do a giveaway without a review that is possible please contact me via email at to discuss pricing. I take payments through paypal. I use Giveaway Tools and all my Giveaways last 2 weeks or long we can discuss. 

All my posts are cross promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and also giveaway sites. 

Who Reviews my Products??

Me and my children and other family members. 

Current Social Media Stats: 

1. My blog -  13,589 Unique Monthly Visits

Benefits of working with (me) *Momma4life*: If you would like me to do a review & or giveaway I will most definitely include your links back to your site. It will help drive more traffic for you & may even bring you new customers as well as sales. I will include any other social links you may have (upon your request). By having a review posted on my blog, I can also get you more people familiar with your company. They may tell people they know & spread the word. It's a great benefit for you! If you would like me to host a giveaway which is always suggested with my reviews but is never mandatory but let me tell you it will make your traffic go sky high on Facebook & Twitter. Also I can always encourage my readers to sign up for your newsletter. When sending out prizes I require them be sent out by the Company Hosting the Giveaway!!

When I go on about your products its a good chance that my readers will want to try them also, and if they like the product they'll go on about the products to others and post it on their blog sites, as I love to also host reviews & giveaways together so that everybody has the chance to join in on the fun :) I am here to have fun & let my readers have fun in the meantime as well. My readers love my blog site & they love when I host giveaways, so if your interested don't hesitate to email me with your info & etc.... I have tons of people that will review products such as myself, my children, my husband, my dad, my Sisters, and my friends. Thank You!!!!

Sponsored Posts:
Will be posted and should receive payment within 24 hours also should be paid the amount we agree on. Also if no payment is received within the 24 hour span I will remove post until payment is received.  Paypal takes a fee out so add enough to cover that fee.

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Networks I partner with:
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and so much more.. 

Blog Start Date: July 2011

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